The Atlas of Radio/X-ray Associations (ARXA, 2010 PASA 27 283)

These are 602 570 optical objects which are associated to radio/X-ray detections from the NVSS, FIRST, SUMSS, XMM, Chandra, or ROSAT RASS, PSPC, HRI and WGA survey catalogs. All association detections are shown, across all these catalogs. Also displayed: the calculated probability that the optical object is in turn a quasar, galaxy, star, or erroneous association. The optical object is identified from the literature, if known.

Here is the ReadMe and pre-publication paper. Quick browse of sample data here.

Get the file (20 Mb zipped) here: download


A catalog of a million quasars (unpublished) is here.


Eric Flesch, last updated 30 December 2010