The Atlas of Radio/X-ray Associations (ARXA, 2010 PASA 27 283)

These are 602,570 optical objects which are associated to radio/X-ray detections from the NVSS, FIRST, SUMSS, XMM-Newton, Chandra, or ROSAT RASS, PSPC, HRI and WGA survey catalogs. All association detections are shown, across all these catalogs. Also displayed: the calculated probability that the optical object is in turn a quasar, galaxy, star, or erroneous association. The optical object is identified from the literature, if known.

Here is the ReadMe and pre-publication paper. Quick browse of sample data here.

Get the file (20 Mb zipped) here: download


15-May-2016 -- Supplemental file for ARXA now available (unpublished).

In the 6 years since ARXA was published, I've added USNO-B data into the optical background, additional X-ray data from XMM, Chandra and Swift, and additional radio data from FIRST updates. ARXA processing yields 424,348 additional radio/X-ray associations (calculated at 40%-100% likelihood of the association being true). This extra data is written as a file with the same data layout as ARXA. Swift detections are added into the WGA column to keep the data layout the same.

Get the supplemental file (12 Mb zipped) here: download . Quick browse of sample data here.

No new documentation, but citations (not found in ARXA) are as follows: (blank citation means original data in this catalog)

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2M: 2MRS
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Eric Flesch, last updated 17 May 2016