The All-Sky Portable (ASP) optical catalog  (accepted, PASA) 


The ASP (All-Sky Portable) catalog presents 1,163,237,190 optical objects in 100 files of 9Gb total download size.  Fields are RA and Dec J2000 to tenth-of-arcsecond precision, red-blue photometry which yield magnitudes to a hundredth-of-magnitude precision, PSFs and variability indicator, and flags for proper motion, survey epoch, photometry source survey & catalog, and astrometry source survey & catalog.  Full details are in the paper and ReadMe. 

Here is the paper for the catalog, accepted for publication in PASA.  ArXiv page is .

Here is the ReadMe , essential for its field descriptions and sample computer code to process the fields.   

The catalog can be downloaded from the PASA datastore at .  Please use the PASA datastore website to download the catalog files, as I have limited bandwidth (and they have infinite bandwidth).   

Web address of the PASA datastore page is:  

If the PASA datastore is down, files can be downloaded far below (scroll).


Eric Flesch, last updated 15 May 2017

Again, please do not download these files from here if you can access them at the PASA datastore at: .

Files to download (zipped files, 5+ ASP files in each):


Eric Flesch, last updated 15 May 2017