The All-Sky Portable (ASP) optical catalog  (2017, PASA 34, 25) 


The ASP (All-Sky Portable) catalog presents 1,163,237,190 optical objects in 100 files of 9Gb total download size.  Fields are RA and Dec J2000 to tenth-of-arcsecond precision, red-blue photometry which yield magnitudes to a hundredth-of-magnitude precision, PSFs and variability indicator, and flags for proper motion, survey epoch, photometry source survey & catalog, and astrometry source survey & catalog.  Full details are in the paper and ReadMe.  ASP was published as 2017, PASA 34, 25. 

Here is the pre-print paper for the catalog.   

Here is the ReadMe , essential for its field descriptions and sample computer code (in BASIC and Python) to process the fields.   

The catalog can be downloaded from the PASA datastore at .  If the PASA datastore is down, files can be downloaded below.

Web address of the PASA datastore page is:  

ADS page for ASP is .   ArXiv page is .

DOI (publisher's page) is .

The PASA datastore at  has infinite bandwidth to deliver your file downloads, but you can also get them here.

Files to download (zipped files, 5+ ASP files in each):


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