The Million Quasars (Milliquas) v8 catalog,  30 June 2023  --  Final Edition

includes quasars from the literature to 30 June 2023, including quasars from the DESI-EDR and SDSS-DR18Q
This edition includes 907K type-I QSOs & AGN, plus blazars and type-II objects and 66K radio/X-ray associated QSO candidates of pQSO=99%, for a total count of 1,021,800 -- details are in the ReadMe.  Gaia-EDR3 astrometry is given for ~60% of the objects, as available.  This is the final edition of Milliquas

Here is the ReadMe, and a quick browse of sample data (in flat text form) is here

GET MILLIQUAS HERE (31 MB zipped).  Also available in FITS (40 MB zipped).

Citations in Milliquas are indexed in the file "milliquas-references.txt" here 

Get the paper here  or on  arXiv  (submitted to MNRAS). 

A previous paper for Milliquas v7.2 is here and also on arXiv -- it details the inclusion of SDSS quasars up through DR-16Q.   

An earlier paper for Milliquas v6.4 is here and on arXiv .  It gives some history and informal context.      

Radio/X-ray associated objects are available for download in the MORX v2 catalog which consists of 3,115,575 radio/X-ray associated quasars, galaxies, stars, and unclassified objects, many of which are true quasars.  Paper for MORX is here or on arXiv .           

MORX v2 is here (143 MB zipped).  Also available in fits (168 MB zipped).  ReadMe is here .  Index to citations is here .  


Eric Flesch, last updated 9 August 2023