The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalog, v7.5e, 15 August 2022

includes quasars from the literature to 31 July 2022, plus a wide range of radio/X-ray associated optical objects.   

This edition includes 833,596 type-I QSOs & AGN plus 654,560 radio/X-ray associated optical objects of 80%-100% likelihood of association, with a QSO-likelihood figure provided as well -- details are in the ReadMe.  Gaia-DR2 astrometry is given for ~47% of the objects, i.e., as available. 

Here is the ReadMe, and a quick browse of sample data (in flat text form) is here.

Get the 60 MB zipped file HERE.  Also available in FITS (73 MB zipped).

index to numerical citations in the file are here (from HMQ quasars) and also here (from MORX with galaxies & stars).

The paper for Milliquas v7.2 is here and also on arXiv -- it details the inclusion of SDSS quasars up through DR-16Q.   

An earlier paper for Milliquas v6.4 is here and on arXiv .  It gives some history and informal context.      


Eric Flesch, last updated 15 August 2022