The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalog, v7.2, 2 May 2021

includes quasars from the literature to 30 April 2021, including SDSS-DR16Q quasar data and VLASS radio data.   

This edition includes 829,666 type-I QSOs & AGN plus ~700K quasar candidates of 60%+ QSO-likelihood -- details are in the ReadMe. Radio and/or X-ray identifications are shown where applicable, plus, for the candidates, the probability of each being a true quasar.  Gaia-DR2 astrometry is given for ~66% of the objects, i.e., as available. 

Here is the ReadMe, and a quick browse of sample data (in flat text form) is here.

Get the 47 MB zipped file HERE.  Also available in FITS (60 MB zipped).

index to numerical citations in the file is here.

A paper for an earlier version (v6.4) is here and also on arXiv .      


Eric Flesch, last updated 2 May 2021