The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalogue, version 4.2 (6 December 2014)

MILLIQUAS v4.2 includes data up to 6 December 2014, including SDSS-DR10Q (Paris I. et al, 2014,A&A,563,54). 1,018,318 type-I objects are displayed, including 302803 QSOs from the literature (type I only), 23534 AGN (like quasars but extended, e.g., Seyferts), 1580 Bl Lacs, 622339 photometric quasars from SDSS-based NBCKDE and BOSS, and 68062 radio/X-ray associated QSO candidates. Radio and/or X-ray identifications are shown where applicable, plus, for the photometric and radio/X-ray associated candidates, the probability of each being a true quasar. The threshold for inclusion of candidates is 80% QSO-likelihood. Monthly updates are being made to Milliquas as part of the process of writing a paper for it.

Quick browse of (flat text) data here , and here is the ReadMe

Get the file (36Mb with references list) here in FITS or as  flat text .



Stars & Galaxies, radio/X-ray associated -- 22 November 2014

Milliquas is extracted from a larger database which includes stars & galaxies associated to radio/X-ray detections at 80%+ confidence. The counts are 191485 known galaxies and candidate galaxies (80%+ confidence), 14274 known stars and candidate stars (80%+ confidence), and 104414 candidates of unclear classification, although most of them will be galaxies.

I have made tables for each of these in the same layout as Milliquas, plus a table of extra references (citations) for them, all in a 12 Mb zipped file here in FITS or as flat text .

Legend of object classifications: G=galaxy, g=LRG, H=starburst, L=LINER, M=group, N=NELG,S=star, W=WD, C=CV. The percentage column shows the confidence that the radio/X-ray detection is truly associated to this object.

The Atlas of Radio/X-ray Associations (ARXA, 2010 PASA, 27, 283) is here.


Eric Flesch, last updated 6 December 2014