The million quasars (Milliquas) catalogue, version 3.8 (2014)

MILLIQUAS v3.8 includes data up to 15 February 2014, including SDSS-DR10Q (Paris I. et al, 2013 arXiv:1311.4870). 1,253,131 objects are displayed, including 309,522 QSOs from the literature (type I only), 21687 AGN (ie, Seyferts for which the integrated disk outshines the core), 1578 Bl Lacs, 836529 photometric quasars from SDSS-based NBCKDE and BOSS, and 83815 radio/X-ray associated QSO candidates. A radio and/or X-ray identification is shown where applicable, plus, for the photometric and radio/X-ray associated objects, the probability of each being a true quasar. These expected yields total to 1,145,815 quasars, making MILLIQUAS a true million-quasar catalog.

Here is the ReadMe for the catalog, which gives details, file layout and references for the source data. Appendix A of the ReadMe gives details of the photometric selection and processing.

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Stars & Galaxies, radio/X-ray associated -- 15 February 2014

Milliquas is extracted from a larger database which includes stars & galaxies. Those stars & galaxies which are rated with a 80%-100% certain radio/X-ray association are presented below with the same file layouts as Milliquas. No documentation, but the citations are given in the Milliquas & ARXA ReadMe's. For confirmed objects (known to be galaxies or stars), the percentage column shows the chance that the radio/X-ray detection is truly associated to this object -- for candidates, it shows the percentage chance that this object is indeed a galaxy/star calculated from its photometry and radio/X-ray association.


The Atlas of Radio/X-ray Associations (ARXA, 2010 PASA, 27, 283) is here.



Eric Flesch, last updated 20 February 2014